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Service Providers

Service providers give the benefit of organising your container definitions along with an increase in performance for larger applications as definitions registered within a service provider are lazily registered.

To build a service provider it is as simple as extending the base service provider and defining what you would like to register.

namespace Acme\ServiceProvider;

use League\Container\ServiceProvider;

class SomeServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
     * This array allows the container to be aware of
     * what your service provider actually provides,
     * this should contain all alias names that
     * you plan to register with the container
     * @var array
    protected $provides = [

     * This is where the magic happens, within the method you can
     * access the container and register or retrieve anything
     * that you need to
    public function register()
        $this->getContainer()['key'] = 'value';


To register this service provider with the container simply pass an instance of your provider or a fully qualified class name to the League\Container\Container::addServiceProvider method.

$container->addServiceProvider(new Acme\ServiceProvider\SomeServiceProvider);

Now when you want to retrieve one of the items provided by the service provider, it will not actually be registered until it is needed.