Inflectors allow you to define the manipulation of an object of a specific type as the final step before it is returned by the container.

This is useful for example when you want to invoke a method on all objects that implement a specific interface.


Imagine that you have a LoggerAwareInterface and would like to invoke the method called setLogger passing in a logger every time a class is retrieved that implements this interface.



$container = new League\Container\Container();

$container->add(Acme\LoggerAwareClass::class); // implements LoggerAwareInterface
$container->add(Acme\Other\LoggerAwareClass::class); // implements LoggerAwareInterface

    ->invokeMethod('setLogger', [Acme\Logger::class]) // Acme\Logger will be resolved via the container

Now instead of adding a method call to each class individually we can simply define an inflector to invoke the method for every class of that type.